Come and visit… your new best friend is waiting!

Meet Scooby

Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever” – author, Karen Davison 


July 25th 2016 was a new leash on life for Scooby when he was seized from a home and brought to the Humane Society of Camden County. We were glad to have this precious baby arrived when he did. After a brief visit with the vet, the wonderful staff and volunteers spent 5 hours shaving what appeared to be years’ worth of matts and feces from Scooby. Due to the matts he’d been living with for so long Scooby’s skin was raw, infected, and he had been unable to go to the bathroom. The build-up of feces had caused a painful perianal infection that oozed pus and needed antibiotics and twice daily cleaning. Scooby’s love and forgiving nature after being unkempt for so long struck the staff and volunteers hard.

His visit with the veterinarian also showed that Scooby had severe dental disease, a heart murmur, eye disease, hookworm infestation, and was heartworm positive. He had a thorough exam with bloodwork and x-rays to determine the severity of health conditions and after some more tender loving care with the Humane Society, Scooby was neutered, vaccinated, and began his heartworm treatment. He returned to the shelter afterwards to continue receiving the care and support he needed to start getting better and find his new family.


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